Integrated mobile communications solutions for Dealerships


Integrated mobile communications solutions for Dealerships

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100% of Mobile Calls Recorded and Published to your CRM…Guaranteed


With TruMobile dealerships are in control of every mobile call nationwide. Dealers are assured that every inbound and outbound call is recorded and published to CRM. No more selective compliance by employees who decide which calls to log or when they choose to utilize a required vendor third party calling app.

Someday you will be able to use your cell phone as though it was a dealership desk phone in your pocket without any add on apps. Someday when a dealership employee is unavailable to answer their cell phone the caller can be seamlessly redirected to an available resource instead of choosing between leaving a voice mail or hanging up. Someday you will be able to record, analyze and publish every inbound and outbound cellular call to your CRM.

That someday is today, exclusively with dealerTEL where every major desk phone function is now available on your cell phones. All dealerTEL advanced functionality is implemented through the cellular network. There is no app to manage or monitoring of employee compliance, you determine your dealership’s policies and TruMobile applies them to every call.

No more departing employees redirecting your customers to their personal cell phone if they move to your competitor. When your customers call the former employee’s cell phone they get your dealership because you own and control every phone number.

With TruMobile’s exclusive desk phone functionality on every cell phone dealership employees can finally ditch their desk phones without losing desk phone features. Think of TruMobile as having a desk phone in your pocket.

TruMobile was built specifically to solve the needs of dealerships. TruMobile allows dealership employees access to corporate voice features and mobile services anywhere in the United States while maintaining a consistent user experience. All this functionality at a cost just a few dollars more than a desk phone. At dealerTEL we manage the technology so you don’t have to.


  • Ditch the Desk Phone
  • You now own every conversation with your customers
  • On The Go – your employees are always connected to your customers.
  • Significantly lower cost – eliminate the need for desk phones and wireline services
  • Solves the customer frustration of extended hold time, misconnects or being sent to voicemail

DealerTEL Advantage

  • Mobile Ring Groups & Virtual Numbers
  • TruMobile Integration – Seamlessly Integrate mobile devices with TruVoice Hosted VoIP
  • Record every inbound and outbound mobile call
  • GPS Tracking Service available
  • 100% of all mobile calls published to CRM
  • Outbound Caller ID Control
  • Enhanced Cellular Voicemail–Voicemail to email
  • Mobile “0 Out” to Operator, Assistant or Auto Attendant. Voice mail is now the last choice instead of the only choice
  • Time of Day Routing
  • Find Me/Follow Me and Simulring
  • No app required-all features work right out of the box
SmartPhones connected to a dumb Network
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