TruSafe – Private Secure Data Center

High Speed Internet Back-Up for your Dealership

TruSafe – Private Secure Data Center

High Speed Internet Back-Up for your Dealership

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Offsite Private Secure Facility for your Mission Critical Servers and Connections Lowers Costs, Increases Reliability and Speed.


Our Regional Data Centers
provide Security, Redundancy
and Centralized Connectivity 

 TruSafe Sample Topology

The Best Ideas come from our Dealer Clients
A dealer client was concerned that his mission critical servers were located in his dealerships. Whenever there was a connection failure in one store it affected other stores.

The dealership group was also providing connections from each store to their DMS, manufacturers and other providers. He asked us if he could move his servers in with ours to insure 99.99999% up-time and avoid the duplicate connections.

By connecting every location to the secure data center he would increase his connection reliability, speed and lower his costs through shared connections at the data center instead of duplicating the connectivity at each location to the various manufacturers, DMS and other providers. The idea was a complete success and TruSafe Secure Regional Data Centers were born. dealerTEL now has West Coast, Central and East Coast Centers.


Below is a sample topology based on an actual customer of how a centralized data center structure can be designed.


  • Co-Location Data Centers provide 99.99999% up-time with connectivity, power and water redundancy
  • Security-Data Center access is controlled through state-of-art security protocols
  • Cost Savings-Consolidating Connectivity, Services and Vendor relationships results in significant savings. The above example dealership group is saving over $100,000 annually and received over a 2400% internet speed increase across his dealership group by partnering with dealerTEL.
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